More about Me

After over 10 years of dedicated practice and teaching I had to face the fact that there were imbalances in my body, palpable in my practice and in my life, that I simply did not know how to address.

I knew there was something I was not seeing. I needed insight, more refined technique, and different information. Katonah Yoga®, through its unique application of measurement, geometry, archetypal poses, and metaphor answered my unspoken questions and changed my vision.

Through the lens, language, and intelligence of Katonah Yoga® I have been able to start seeing and being in the blind spots, the undiscovered country of my own body, and begin to include those parts in ways that support the whole organism.

One of the most delightful aspects of training to be a Certified Teacher of Katonah Yoga® is Nevine’s continuous encouragement for each teacher to mediate the polarities – to bring together all of the training, information, skill and wisdom we have acquired throughout our lives to make the techniques of yoga even more intimately potent.

I am forever grateful to Yogrishi Vishvketu, founder of Akhanda Yoga, for sharing the river of traditional hatha yoga through his practice, teachings, and lineage.

After decades of interior exploration and both formal and informal study of comparative philosophy and theology, meeting Vishvaji in 2010 and studying with him infused my life with a vital wholeness and the warm possibility of fully including the body in self-realization.

In sharing yoga with others, it’s with the hope that both the rivers of Akhanda Yoga and Katonah Yoga blend in me to create an even more vibrant and wholesome experience for body, breath, and mind.